Taylor's Tins Designer Tin and Wallet


Taylor's Tins Designer Tin and Wallet

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Behold the epitome of extravagance and absurdity - the luxury metal wallet paired with the flamboyant Taylor's Tins fire helmet shield!

Crafted from the rarest metals known to humanity, this wallet is not just a place to store your cash and cards; it's a symbol of your unquestionable wealth and questionable taste. The sleek design ensures that you'll never be able to find it in your oversized designer bag, adding an element of surprise to your daily treasure hunt.

But wait, there's more! The Taylor's Tins fire helmet shield takes the concept of Fashion to a whole new level by emblazoning your training helmet with this loud example of wastefulness, because who doesn't want to wear a reminder of bad choices?

Whether you're battling a financial inferno or simply trying to impress your equally clueless co-workers, the luxury metal wallet and Taylor's Tins fire helmet shield are the must-have accessories for those who believe that excess is best. Because why settle for subtlety when you can have a wallet that screams, "I have too much money and not enough common sense"?
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